ANDRÁS GERŐ (1952-2023)
Contact: uh.gr1718368652o.gru1718368652bsbah1718368652@aore1718368652g1718368652
Place of employment: Institute of Habsburg History, director (2003-)

Academic activities:

Professor emeritus – Eötvös Loránd University (2018-)
Professor, head of department – Department of Economic and Social History, Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University (1995-2017)
Professor at the History Department of Central European University (1991-2020)


History and Sociology (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) – 1972-1977


Phd. in History (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1987)
Habilitation (ELTE, 1995)
Dsc. in History (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006)

Teaching field:

19th century Central European history

Research field:

Francis Joseph
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
symbolic politics
identity policy
bourgeois development
modern jewish history

Committees and editorial boards:

Member of Board of László Teleki Foundation (2009-)
Vice-chair of Scientific Advisory Board (First World War Centenary Memorial Committee) (2013-2020)
Editor in chief, Budapesti Negyed  (1993-2010)
Member of Editorial Board, Századok (1991-2011)
Secretary of Ferenc Deák Memorial Committee (2003-2004)
Member of Board of Communication on European Union (2002-2004)
Correspondent – Austrian History Yearbook (USA) (1994-2001)
Co-director of Historical Antropology Project at Eötvös Loránd University (1991-2000)
Member of Editorial Board Világosság (1990-2000)
President of Committee on Permanent Historical Exhibition at Hungarian National Museum (1994-1996)
Member of Lajos Kossuth Memorial Committee (1993-1994)

International experience:

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (USA) – fellow (1988-1989)
University of Utrecht, Utrecht (Netherland) – visiting professor (1990)
University of Amsterdam, Amszterdam (Netherland) – visiting professor (1991)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) – Fulbright-professor (1994)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA) – visiting professor (1995-1997)
Columbia University, New York (USA) – visiting professor (2001)

Prizes, Awards:

For Budapest Prize 2007 (given by City Council of Budapest)
Széchenyi Prize 2008 (given by the President of Hungarian Republic)
Knight of Honor of the European Order of Saint George of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (given by the Grand Master of the Order) 2017